Wisdom readings for animals

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Tamryn offers live wisdom readings, by telephone or in-person with your animal friend. Live readings allow you to participate directly in the reading – asking all the questions you want and receiving immediate responses.

A wisdom reading is an animal communication reading with a Shamanic influence – connecting to the consciousness of your pet through the web of energy connecting the stars, the oceans, the animals and the forests.

A wisdom reading is just like a conversation with your animal friend, with Tamryn as the translator. You are free to ask questions, share messages, request clarification and receive the incredible insights your animal friend has to offer.

You and your animal friend can explore together and share your experiences, perspectives, thoughts and feelings on a variety of reasons, including:

Health Problems – although Tamryn is not a medical intuitive, she can help you can learn more about energetic patterns behind health issues, share information with your pet about treatments and diagnosis’ and hear your animal friend’s experience and perspective.

Behaviour Issues – hear directly from your animal friend about what is behind the behaviour issues you are experiencing with your pet to create understanding and connection, making it more possible to move through challenges together.

Heart Connection – deepen the heart connection you already share with your animal friend by expressing your love for one another, sharing important messages between each other and learning more about their purpose in your life and yours in theirs.

Saying Goodbye – when it is time to say goodbye, it can feel helpful to communicate with your animal friend. You may share messages with one another, ask important questions and prepare for your physical separation.

Re-connecting – if your animal friend is deceased, you may wish to re-connect. There may be unanswered questions, unresolved issues or simply the desire to feel the heart presence of your dear friend once again.

The cost of a wisdom reading for animals is $95, payable upon completion of the reading. Payments accepted by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

Please contact Tamryn to schedule your session or with questions about the process: tamryn@spiritpartner.ca or 250.573.1744

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