Shamanic readings

Shamanic readings are available for you or for your animal family. Tamryn offers readings by telephone, which you may record or listen to with other people who are important to you. The process is simple, light and warm, and Tamryn walks you through every step with full support and kindness.

If you have never had a reading before, and aren’t sure what to expect, imagine a warm and comforting conversation with your favourite person – someone who makes you feel loved and safe and full of hope. Picture yourself receiving information and guidance that makes things easier and more simple.

Tamryn has worked with hundreds of people and animals, and connects through nature and the beautiful web of consciousness that connects us all. She remains grounded and centered through the reading, and holds space for you to do the same. Nothing comes forward that isn’t loving and gentle and relevant and helpful.


Your animal friends and family are interested in connecting with you beyond your daily life, routine and schedule. They have wisdom to share, questions they want answered and messages for you to receive into your heart with pure intention and kind caring.

You might have questions about behaviour, health or maybe you are connecting with an animal loved one who has passed away. Shamanic readings provide you access to your animal family in a way that feeds the heart and soul and deepens understandings and connections.

To have a reading, you don’t need anything special. While a photo is not required to conduct the reading, it is always lovely to see the beautiful creature we will be working with – so the registration form will include an option to share a photo.

You might have specific questions, or just wish to experience the wonder of connecting at this level with your beloved animal friend. Both approaches will result in a rich conversation and the availability of messages, insights, shared moments and loving wisdom. There are no “right or wrong” ways to do it, and there are no questions you should or shouldn’t focus on. It is all open and light and warm and safe.

If you wish to speak with more than one animal at a time, family readings are available: for groups of 2-3 animals or groups of 4-6 animals. The time involved in family readings increases, so allow for more space in your schedule for these appointments.

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Ready to book a shamanic reading for animals? A booking calendar is available for you to choose the time and date best for you.

For yourself

A shamanic reading for yourself is based around the guidance and insights that Spirit has to share with you. According to the shamanic tradition, messages come through stories and metaphors – less of a “tell you what to do” sort of scenario and more of a “you will tap into your own wisdom, and then you will know what to do yourself”. It is a sweet variation, and you will feel fully fed with love and support.

Shamanic traditions are practical and grounded in clear intention and fluid receptivity. Your reading is meant to be helpful to you – meaning you are encouraged to ask questions, request more detail and be clear when things aren’t feeling right or making sense. The more you participate, the more you will receive the information, guidance and support you are seeking.

Your reading is conducted live by phone with Tamryn Fudge. From the comfort of your home, you can relax and receive without the need to travel or prepare in any special way. When the reading is finished, you are free to spend time digesting the gifts you have received and letting the experience wash over you.

If you would like a reading, please consider setting aside extra time before and after to become available and settled. A quiet space with no interruptions is ideal for your time with Spirit.

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Ready to book a shamanic reading for people? A booking calendar is available for you to choose the time and date best for you.