Shamanic readings for animals & people

Would you like to hear from your guides, teachers and helpers? Would you like to know how you can immerse yourself more fully in your growth, your purpose and your life? A shamanic reading helps you find the answers you want.

What about your animal friends? Would you like to hear form them, understand their perspective and experience and let them know how much they mean to you? They are waiting to speak to you and to hear what you have to say.

Shamanic readings for people and animals are provided with sacred intention and soft reverence. Tamryn Fudge shares messages, guidance, insights and truths from a place of non-attachment and loving support. You receive exactly what is right for you at the moment – nothing more and nothing less.

All messages are fully embued with the love of the universe and the light of your own pure heart. With safety, comfort and openness – shamanic readings help you understand things from a new perspective.

Perhaps you have specific questions, or maybe you feel open and curious; without any “focused” requests. Either way, there is wonderful feedback, guidance and support available to you today. A shamanic reading helps you make sense of your life.