Harmony healings for animals

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A harmony healing for animals is an energy medicine treatment with a Shamanic influence. Your animal friend receives support in aligning with the healing energies of the Earth and the ancient wisdom that guides the stars, the forests, the oceans and the wind.

As your animal friend aligns with these energies, they are brought into harmony with their own natural healing processes and cellular memories of their own healed state of being.

Harmony healings safely assist in releasing the dense and heavy energies that sometimes collect over time, creating more space for light energy and life force. This process can be helpful with health issues, behaviour issues and other challenges your animal friend is experiencing.

Harmony healings are gentle and non-invasive, and Tamryn remains safely grounded and focused on your animal friend’s highest good during the session.

The cost of a harmony healing for animals is $95, payable upon completion of the session. Payments accepted by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

Please contact Tamryn to schedule your session or with questions about the process: tamryn@spiritpartner.ca or 250.573.1744

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