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Tamryn Fudge is a nature girl, through and through. She spends her time on the land in Kamloops and finds special places to commune with Mother Earth and her ancient energies.

Tamryn was led to animal communication by her dog Layla – a boxer with seemingly insurmountable health and behaviour issues. In her search for something that would help her reach Layla, Tamryn was introduced to animal communication. Immediately she was hooked - imagine being able to speak directly to animals!

Learning to communicate with animals changed Tamryn’s life, opening her to the many layers of animal consciousness and awareness. She has a deeper relationship with her animal family and helps others achieve the same.

Tamryn found Shamanic medicine when she was learning to manage her intuition and the information she received from her surroundings. She felt immediately at home in this ancient tradition of working with the energies of Earth to facilitate healing and growth.

Shamanic energy medicine provides Tamryn with the language to create meaning from her connection with nature and all her elements. She communes with animals, trees, rivers and mountains to receive healing and wisdom for herself, her family, her community and her collective.

Tamryn lives in Kamloops BC with her husband, her dogs Peasie (Boston terrier) and Bryssa (boxer) and cat Hannah (Siamese).

Professional background

When she started learning animal communication, Tamryn studied every book and listened to every instructional CD she could find. She was more than ready when she decided to host animal communication workshops in Kamloops with Georgina Cyr, completing the basic and advanced animal communication courses.

Tamryn has been a professional animal communicator for 10 years, offering sessions for all species of animals and serving clients all over North America.

Tamryn studied Shamanism with Jose Luis Herrera of the Rainbow Jaguar institute, attending the Cosmology for Empowerment series and the Master series of workshops in Chase BC. She stayed on to assist with the teachings and has also assisted Carol Bell and Laureen Block of Santa Tierras Earth Medicine as they continue offering the Rainbow Jaguar Institute's programs.

In addition to studies in BC, Tamryn has also travelled to Peru to study the teachings of the Quero medicine people and receive sacred rites upon sacred Mt. Ausangate. A year later, she travelled to the sacred Canyon de Chelly to receive further teachings in Arizona.

Tamryn started the process thinking that she would always work with animals only. In 2014 she was asked by 2 sisters for readings for themselves (no pets) – opening her to work with people as well. Since then, she has offered her services to both people and animals.