Tamryn Fudge has found shamanic readings for herself and her animal family incredibly helpful over the past years. She became inspired by the way Spirit and animals shared such helpful and life changing wisdom and guidance with her through the readings she received as a client. She found that all life’s changes, challenges and mysteries became more easy and lovely with the support of shamanic readings.

Tamryn has spent over 15 years developing her skills as a spiritual interpreter. She studied animal communication first, focusing on helping the people and animals she served. Through synchronous circumstance, in 2013 she was asked to do a reading for 2 sweet sisters who had no animal family. She trusted the process, and was astounded and thrilled to learn that she was able to bring forth shamanic guidance and support for humans as well as animals.

Since then, she offers shamanic readings to every being who needs them: human, horse, cat, dog, chicken, snake – all have something to share, receive and contribute. Her shamanic studies have deepened the process and provide a sacred container for information to flow with pure love and intention.

Tamryn’s shamanic studies have been in the Peruvian tradition of the Quero medicine people. She is honoured to have spent time learning from Jose Luis Herrera, Carol Bell, Laureen Block and the sacred teachers she has met on her journeys to Peru and Arizona for extensive trainings. She has received the sacred rites of passage that make her a part of this rich lineage of healers and medicine people.

This gift of shamanic practice has shaped Tamryn into the person she is today. The way of living in such transparency with nature and the earth, the stars and the heavens, has helped her be more in tune with the invisible realms and aspects of the world. With common sense and practicality to guide her, Tamryn carries this tradition with a grounded peacefulness that comes through in the readings she provides.