Wisdom readings and harmony healings for animals & people

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I love the Earth

I have always loved everything about the Earth – I love her skin, her breath, her water, her bones, her sounds…. she is my truest mother, and I am grateful to the shamanic practices of the Pampamesoyak medicine people and their generosity to share such rich and ancient traditions with someone like me.

I have learned, through my studies, that I am a piece of the Earth and a part of everything, and everything is a part of me. That I am a part of you and you are a part of me. I cannot be separate from you, nor you from me.

So, what are we to do – this large and diverse family of stones, elves, faeries, people, animals, birds, waters, winds and air? My family is the sun and the moon, the ancestors and the ones to come in the future to take our place.

I am here to share what I understand about the world, our journey, my journey and your journey. I offer shamanic readings and healings to people and to animals – in person, by phone or by video.

I am a person who quietly and lovingly walks with others as they learn how to heal and how to find their own authentic place in the world. If you believe you found me to learn something more about yourself or your animal friend or to release/shift/clear some energy for you or with them, perhaps we should connect and get started.